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Sun Horse Cannadapt 500mg CBD Spray

Sun Horse Cannadapt 500mg CBD Spray


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Sun Horse Cannadapt 500mg CBD Spray

If you are looking for what many consider the best CBD formulated sublingual spray, then look no further. Cannadapt by Sun Horse is what you been looking for!  Cannadpt is a proprietary blend of 13 whole adaptogenic herbs sourced from three different continents and infused with 500mg of top-shelf, full spectrum CBD oil. These 13 superfoods are our planet’s most effective herbs and are used as the carrier for the body’s cells to absorb the CBD extremely efficiently, to help manage waking energy output, and to enhance focus and concentration. To make Sun Horse formulas taste the best, a tiny bit of Pure Organic Grade A Maple Syrup is added. Don’t just survive…..  Adapt & Thrive!

Instructions: 3 pumps placed under your tongue. Hold for 60 seconds and then swallow.

Per Serving

Serving Size – 3 pumps

10mg CBD

18mg Adaptogenic Herbs

< 1g Grade A Maple Syrup

Ingredients: 500 grams Full Spectrum CBD, Jiaogulan, Himalayan Goji, Acai, Peruvian Maca, American Ginseng, Schisandra Fruit, Asian Licorice Root, Rhodiola Rosea, Astragalus Root, Reishi Mushroom, Catuaba, Guarana, Ashwagandha, Organic Blue Agave, Pure Organic Extra Dark Maple Syrup


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