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Dixie Botanicals 500mg Natural CBD Hemp Oil Dew Drops

Dixie Botanicals 500mg Natural CBD Hemp Oil Dew Drops


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Dixie Botanicals 500mg Natural CBD Hemp Oil Dew Drops

Deep. Rich. Floral. Umami. These qualities interweave nature and our taste buds, and are attributes essential for those that truly enjoy the rewarding experience and deep flavor of all things natural. There’s something about the dew covered, emerald forests that bring out a primal urge and appreciation for supplements that are, at their very nature, the essence of the beauty people adventurously seek on their weekends and outdoor excursions. Dixie Botanicals™ managed to capture and refine this essence in their natural flavor of CBD (Cannabinol) tincture drops, made with non-GMO hemp grown in the sun-glazed, rolling hills of Northern Europe and Austria.

The 2 oz, 60 ml Dixie Botanicals™ Natural Flavor Dew Drops deliver the punch of these rolling hills in each drop, and the small, slender vial will fit perfectly in your pack for a short day hike through the Iron Mountain or a 4 day backpacking trip through Lone Pine. Each drop of dark emerald dew from the oral applicator will fill your body with the natural power of hemp and put you back on the trail to adventure. Dixie Botanicals™ tincture drops are formulated with the utmost-quality, blending East Asian techniques with modern science to deliver a refined hemp tincture drop, cultivated to be high in CBD and other natural botanicals. Each stage of the growing process is scrutinized and tested multiple times to ensure each bottle is packed with pure botanicals, delivering an immersive experience sure to spark your memories of the idyllic locations you’ve explored.

Whether you enjoy it while hiking, or simply add these Natural Flavor Dew Drops to your collection of daily supplements, we know that one drop will be enough to convince you of the incredible power of Dixie Botanicals™ CBD tincture drops!

  • Dixie Botanicals® Dew Drops now feature a convenient dropper top
  • 500mg of CBD
  • Natural Deep, Earthy Flavor
  • Vegetarian, Naturally Sweetened
  • Non-GMO Hemp Oil, Soy-Free
  • Formulated to Promote Overall Wellness


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